Hand disinfection


Available in different colours

Or other
colours from
RAL catalogue.

Stainless steel body

height 130cm,
wide 31cm,
width 15cm


you can change settings

220V and battery operated

you can change settings

Gel or Alcohol based disinfectant

up to 20k sprays with 5l tank

Excess liquid runoff

clean and no mess

Equipped with LED

changeable colors from the app

DISINFEQ hand sanitizer dispenser body is made of stainless steel. It stands 130cm high, 31cm wide and 15 cm deep with just 18kg and possibility to anchor it to the ground. It is available in many different colours. It can be used from both sides.

Our stand uses high quality, durable pumps to ensure long life of usage. The stand is equipped with motion sensors that automatically detects ones hands and sprays the sanitizer directly on user’s hands. There is an excess liquid runoff that collects it in separate, removable container. It runs on batteries and 220V power connection.

It is permitted to use liquid or gel sanitizer. Our stand uses 0.5ml of sanitizer in one spray, however the dosage is adjustable (0.2ml – 0.8ml). 20 000 sprays with 5l tank on standard setteings.

Our unique disinfection stand uses LED lights, which can be controlled and changed from your phone. With the help of DISINFEQ App, you can change the sanitizer dosage and check the remaining battery level, if equipped.

Your company logo or any other symbol can be printed on the stand body.