Top quality materials and design used in production, the face shields are easy to use all day long.
Anti-fog coating ensures that the shields do not fog.
The padding part fits completely on the forehead, does not leave imprints and does not damage the skin.
The face shields hold the head firmly and are easy to use with glasses and other protective equipment.
They are easy to clean with any type of disinfectant which will ensure their long-term use.

Face Shield is large: 15 x 9 inch (380mm by 230mm)

Safety glass:
• Medical grade 100% ultra clear plastic (PETG)
• ISO 9001 certified
• Optically clear 0.75mm thick
• Anti-glare
• Anti-fog coating

Face shield:
• Covers the entire face, 180 degree
• Easy to care with disinfectants
• Intended for long-term use
• Fitting, does not have a gap between the forehead and the windscreen
• Adjustable head band from XS to XL

Our product meets all United Kingdom, European and International standards: BS EN 166:2002.

We can safely say that our face shields are of the highest quality on the market.

Our face shields are factory-sealed on both sides with a protective film that can be easily removed. This ensures the face shields are smooth, scratch-free and with good transparency.