We are here to change the world – that everyone can feel safe and secure at work, home, and in society. To make hand disinfection convenient and pleasant. To make everyone feel that health is the right way to happiness and longevity. Combining our ideas and technical solutions, we created an innovative product that makes hand disinfection a natural process, causing a pleasant feeling and aesthetic pleasure.

Our invented disinfection stand is the only one made of the highest quality stainless steel and materials with a unique design, available in more than five colors, accessible from both sides, and easy to use, providing hand disinfection in a contactless way. The stand is movable and designed to organically fit into different styles of interiors. Its built-in motion sensor ensures that the disinfectant is sprayed directly into the user’s palm without touching the stand, thus making it convenient and safe to use.

We are a small team, but with tremendous energy and enthusiasm to create new and innovative products that help everyone feel safe when the world changes.

Health is the greatest treasure we have to live a happy and long life!


During the time of changes when the global pandemic started and everyone had uncertainty about tomorrow, we came together and created quality face shields to protect human health. They have already proven their great functionality in the Baltic States, Spain, Great Britain, and elsewhere in the world and stand out of their quality and innovation – unlike conventional face shields, our shield consists of six parts, ensuring easy use all day long. We always strive to create the best solutions and develop them down to the smallest details, also we consult with doctors and other health professionals. By searching the market for hand disinfection devices we realized that there are just a few options and none of them are appealing to the eye. After several months of design and technical adjustments, we created an exclusive, high-quality hand disinfection stand that is a beautiful addition to any interior and very easy to use nicely. We are convinced those pleasant emotions while using Disinfeq can defeat even more bacteria!



Helping the people. We care and we want to help the world to overpower a global pandemic as soon as possible, helping to ensure secure communication between people on a daily basis.

Production of the highest quality standards. Our goal is to produce disinfection stands that meet the highest quality standards, ensuring excellent product performance, sustainability, convenient and safe use, beautiful and unique design.

Creativity and passion. Our team is full of energy and excitement to create only the highest quality products to help people maintain what is most precious during this global pandemic – health.

Adaptation and innovation. We always strive to create the best solutions for products and develop them down to the smallest details.

Professional team and excellent service. Our team consists of industry professionals with many years’ experience in the international market and our goal is to deliver the highest quality product for consumers.


We care about society and we truly believe that the origami crane which we use in our logo will bring people happiness, longevity, and living for thousand years. Crane symbolizes good fortune and longevity, peace, happiness, long life, and purity.




about us

Ārvalstīs iecienīti Latvijā ražoti bezkontakta dezinfekcijas stendi

Labi izskatās, nepieciešami un plaši pieprasīti – tā var īsumā raksturot Latvijas kompānijas izgatavotus bezkontakta dezinfekcijas stendus, kas guvuši atzinību ne tikai mūsu valstī, vēstī TV3 raidījums “900 sekundes”.

Ar dezinfekcijas stendiem vēlas iziet pasaulē

Dezinfekcijas stendu ražotājs “Disinfeq” ar saviem saražotajiem produktiem vēlas izplesties pasaules tirgū un nest Latvijas vārdu ārpus mūsu valsts robežām.

Uzņēmuma komanda izveidota…

Latvijā ražoti bezkontakta dezinfekcijas stendi pieprasīti ārvalstīs

Labi izskatās, ļoti nepieciešami un plaši pieprasīti – tā var īsumā raksturot Latvijas kompānijas izgatavotus bezkontakta dezinfekcijas stendus, kas guvuši atzinību ne tikai mūsu valstī.

Latvia’s biggest food court opens in Riga Plaza after the mall’s reconstruction

“Food Plaza” is a new food court which was opened after the renovation of the Rīga Plaza fashion and entertainment centre. 

Contactless disinfection stands manufactured in Latvia are in demand abroad

It looks good, very necessary and widely demanded – it can briefly describe the contactless disinfection stands made by a Latvian company, which have gained recognition not only in our country.




Work conditions:
  • Organize logistics and sales projects not only in ES countries;
  • Attract new clients and develop collaboration;
  • Research the market and reach out to potential clients, provide information,
    generate new sales;
  • Organize presentations;
  • Keep in contact with existing clients and maintain cooperation;
  • Plan business trips and meet clients in foreign countries;
  •  Prepare proposals and lock-in contracts;
  • Structurize projects, meet deadlines, plan costs and resources, supervise and
  • Generate reports about work that has been completed.
Requirements for candidates:
  • Experience in project management and sales;
  • Experience in presentation and sales over the phone;
  • Excellent communication skills and time organizing skills;
  • Excellent English (verbally and in writing), good Russian;
  • Other language skills are considered as a plus;
  • Good computer operating skills;
  • Ability to travel for work.
Company provides:
  • Dynamic and interesting work environment;
  • Good work conditions and close-knit team;
  • The necessary knowledge about the product and the company;
  • Competitive pay system according to the work that has been done;
  • Overall support and help to reach goals

Please send your resume and short letter of application with the title ”Project Manager” to:
We will review all applicants and schedule an interview with those, who meet our